For We-Invite B.V., hereinafter referred as We-Invite, the interest of the customer – your interest – is central at all times. This means that our business operations are based on integrity and mutual respect.

Integrity and respect

Also We-Invite is bounded to the Dutch law protection of personal data. Personal data are data that can be traced back to natural persons. We-Invite endorses the principles laid down in the Dutch law. This statement is an effect of the legal protection of handling with personal data of customers.

Data use

We-Invite uses your provided personal data to serve you as good as possible. Your personal data will be available for all parts of We-Invite, so that an as well-balanced as possible advice or service can be provided. In doing so, the internal and legal rules for the exchange of personal data apply in full. Furthermore, these data will be used to prevent, detect and fight inappropriate use and/or abuse. When you do not want to receive information about services and products, you can communicate this to the We-Invite department of Marketing & Communication.


While processing your personal data, We-Invite acts carefully. It only uses the data which are needed for the optimal experience and service. As far as this does not stem from the Dutch law or the commitments in which We-Invite engaged towards you, personal data will not be provided to third parties without your permission.


We-Invite does not collect or use information and data for other purposes than those specified in this statement, unless we got your permission in advance.


You have the possibility to ask (the concerned part of) We-Invite which of your data will be processed and to, by possible inaccuracies, correct the data. An overview of your data can be requested (written and motivated) from We-Invite.

Retention period

We-Invite retains your data not longer than legally allowed and necessary for the realisation of the purposes for which the data is processed. The time these data are retained depends on the nature of the data and purposes for which data are processed. Hence, the retention period can differ per purpose.